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Used Copy Machines 101

Used Copy Machines 101

Purchasing a copy machine can be a considerable investment for any business but buying a used copy machine can create concerns. While a brand new copy machine may seem like the obvious choice, buying a used copy machine can offer numerous benefits that may surprise you.

In this post, we'll cover the advantages of buying a used copy machine, and provide you with some valuable information to help you make the right decision for your business.

1 - Cost Savings

The most obvious advantage of buying a used copy machine is the cost savings. Used copy machines are significantly cheaper than new ones. You can save up to 50% of the original cost of a new copy machine by opting for a used one.  Make sure you understand how used the machine is and make sure it is certified.

2 - High Quality

Contrary to popular belief, used copy machines can be just as good as new ones. Many used copy machines have been well-maintained and serviced regularly, ensuring that they are in excellent condition. In fact, some used copy machines are almost as good as new.  95% of businesses that need a copy machine can find the functionality they need in a certified used copy machine.

3 - Environmentally Friendly

When you buy a used copy machine, you are doing your part for the environment by reducing the number of machines that end up in landfills. Instead of buying a new machine, which requires the production of more materials, you are giving new life to a machine that is still functioning well.

4 - More Features for Less Money

As technology advances, the cost of new copy machines can be quite high. However, buying a used copy machine can get you the features you want and need for a fraction of the cost. You can often find a used copy machine with features that would otherwise be out of your budget if you were purchasing a new machine.  Thinking of it as being able to afford the high-end model of slightly used car.

5 - Quick and Easy Availability

When you purchase a new copy machine, you may have to wait several weeks for it to arrive. However, when you purchase a used copy machine, it's usually available for immediate delivery. This means that you can start using your new machine right away, without any delay.  Plus with shipping delays and issues with manufacturers getting parts weeks could turn into months.

In conclusion, purchasing a used copy machine can offer significant advantages, including cost savings, high quality, environmental benefits, more features for less money, and quick availability. We have a wide selection of certified used copy machines to choose from, and we provide comprehensive maintenance and service to ensure that they continue to function at a high level. If you're in the market for a copy machine, consider purchasing a used one, and experience the benefits for yourself!