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Ricoh Color Copiers - Superb Quality at Affordable Cost

Color copiers tend to be significantly more expense than their black and white counterparts. But with a Ricoh, professionals can select from high quality color copiers that produce exceptional monochrome copies, as well as bursting and vivid color replications. Ricoh color copiers provide buyers with workflow management, communication features and quick and reliable service to ensure they can continue to provide exceptional service both the internal and external customers. While other copiers provide similar features, a Ricoh provides excellent options at an extremely reasonable price.

Ricoh color copiers provide users the ability to print web pages, Adobe .PDF documents and presentations. Training materials, strategic plans, full color marketing materials, such as brochures and pamphlets, can all be copied or printed in 600 dpi resolution. Original spreadsheets, drawings and blueprints can be scanned up to 11 x 17 inches. Ricoh copiers also print and copy documents on standard 11 x 17 inch paper, but can also use a special bypass tray to enlarge design layouts and proofs to an incredible 12 x 18 inches.

Speeds do not vary between black and white and color copies, and Ricoh’s maintain a fast production speed of up to 20 pages per minute. System warm up takes only 25 seconds, and a black and white replication is produced in 6.5 seconds. Copies in full color take only a speedy 9.5 seconds to produce. Total paper capacity includes 1m600 sheets for optimal productivity, and also provides users with an “Automatic Reversing Document Feeder” which holds up to 50 pages. The standard duplexing feature available on Ricoh color copiers will effectively reduce both filing space and paper usage.

Thick and heavy paper can also be used in Ricoh copiers. Successfully create book covers, posters, invitations or postcards with unique parchment of up to 140 pound index weight. Documents can be effectively managed and distributed to distant locations via the Super G3 faxing feature. These copiers also have the ability to store and use up to 150 Speed Dials. You can also use your company’s internal LAN to send duplications through fax without even leaving your desk. Additional remote features include the ability to manage the machine from a web browser. Users have the ability to monitor settings, usage information, status of copier supplies and other system details from a standard web page. Specific permissions may also be tracked and set on a Ricoh color copier. Users can be assigned specific codes to be used for copying. These codes can be reported on or used to limit usage of the machine.