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Is Buying a Used Copy Machine a Good Idea?

Is Buying a Used Copy Machine a Good Idea?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to buy a used copy machine. One of the primary advantages of purchasing a used machine is cost savings. Used copy machines are often significantly less expensive than brand-new ones, making them a good option for businesses or individuals on a budget. Additionally, buying a used machine can be a more eco-friendly choice, as it keeps the old machine out of a landfill and reduces the need for the production of a new one.  For 99.9% of users, a used copy machine does everything they need.

However, buying a used copy machine also has some potential drawbacks. One of the main concerns is the reliability of the machine.   To offset this risk buy your used machine from a company that warranties the used copier.  It is like a certified pre-owned car, in that the company selling you the copy machine will perform a multi-point inspection and refurbishment of the machine, making it as good as new.  Plus, many companies provide low-cost maintenance programs.  With a warranty and maintenance plan, you will still be saving a considerable amount of money over purchasing a new machine.

Overall, the decision to buy a used copy machine should be based on a careful evaluation of the potential advantages and disadvantages. To help you through this process one of the consultants can walk you through all the options available. 

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