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Save money, paper, and the environment by printing on both sides!

save paper by printing both sides copier machines for sale

Here's a helpful tip that can help your company ave money, paper and the environment by printing on both sides!

It's truly that easy! Here's how you do it. 

Set defaults on computers 

  • Set defaults to double sided. Select one-sided printing only when really needed.
  • Print double-sided for bills, applications, licenses and other paper-intensive activities.
  • For help how to set default settings click here
  • If your printer cannot double-side then find out whether your printer can be fitted with a duplexing unit to enable it to print double-sided.
  • Make “rethink” messages appear on screen when a print command is given.

Change your computer’s default settings so that you can put more text on each page. 

  • In MS Word, go to "File", then to "Page Setup". Then choose "Reduce the Margins" and set your margins to smaller numbers. Compared to the normal settings, you could use up to 14% less paper!
  • When you are printing, reduce font size to 10 point to decrease the amount of paper required.

Post in-house reminders about efficient paper use near the copy machine and/or each workstation

  • Use both sides of the sheet of paper, whether for copying or printing.
  • Print only the pages you need by using the "Print Selection" function.
  • Print documents 2-UP or 4-UP per page for archival purposes and where possible. Customized software can increase the document-per-page capabilities of your printer.
  • Reduce margins.
  • Use the print preview function before printing any word or excel document to avoid copy-mistakes.
  • Use a small font size to reduce the number of pages printed
  • Use efficient fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. These fonts use significantly less space. Find out more

Making these changes will have a serious impact on your businesses bottom line. Not only will you be saving money, by reducing the amount of paper needed for your copier machines, but you'll be helping to curb waste. Each year millions of individual pieces of paper are discarded. Many are used once. Using this guide can help cut copier machine cost and waste by up to 50%