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Quick Specification

Color capability: Color copiers
Black and white speed: 45 ppm
Color speed: 11 ppm
Monthly volume: 150000
Previous price: $14325.00



This device really is all the office systems you'll ever need in one Toshiba. Incorporating copy, print, scan, fax and colour in one compact unit. Printing at up to 45ppm mono and 11ppm colour.

Toshiba's Next Generation e-BRIDGE "all-in-one" Controller technology means that the full range of functionality is built into the machine from the moment you open the box. No need to upgrade, add boards or wait for a field visit, you are enabled from the word GO! e-BRIDGE allows significant increases in productivity for processing concurrent copy, print, scan and fax jobs and it?s e-BRIDGE that enables both enhanced control and security as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate a number of software and solutions products that will enhance productivity and make your Toshiba even better value for money. The Toshiba e-STUDIO 451c offers all the functionality of leading-edge Toshiba MFD technology. At 45 ppm you?ll notice it?s power and performance immediately.

An impressive range of network-ready MFP’s, the Toshiba e-STUDIO 451c let you benefit from all-round networking immediately upon installation. Combining network scan, print, fax, copy and Email functions in a single, compact unit – all with the assurance of Toshiba quality – they allow your office to replace a whole range of appliances and reclaim floor space for more profitable use. Incorporating Toshiba’s 2nd generation e-BRIDGE technology, they deliver accelerated processing and a range of functions for significantly higher, security with the utmost ease. Add a touch of colour to your strategy. Move forward with the Toshiba e-STUDIO 451c.

If you’re looking for the economy of black & white but want the capabilities of color, look no further than the Toshiba e-STUDIO451c. These multifunction devices give your documents the advantage of color while offering required features such as copying, scanning, printing, faxing, and finishing. Best of all, independent color and black & white development systems provide a cost per copy for black & white printing that’s consistent with the economy found in most monochrome-only multifunction devices. The color-enhanced e-STUDIO451c multifunction device offer high productivity and high quality with the convenience of color — for all your printing, copying, and scanning needs. They deliver superb performance and productivity with next-generation e-BRIDGE technology, fast 600 MHz processor, 80 GB hard disk drive, and enhanced duplex productivity.
The e-STUDIO451c produce crisp, clear black & white output at a rate of  45 pages per minute. And create attention-grabbing color pages at 11 pages per minute. You’re in control of the color and save time, money, and effort while increasing the impact and effectiveness of your documents and presentations.


  • 45 PPM Black & White and 11 PPM Color Multifunction Product
  • Net-Ready, e-BRIDGE All-in-One Architecture
  • Out-of-the-Box Network-Ready, Print-Ready, Scan-Ready, Internet-Ready
  • e-FILING (Electronic Filing)
  • Versatile Paper Handling and Finishing Options
  • Robust Security Capabilities
  • MSRP $14,325 (base system)