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Quick Specification

Color capability: Color copiers
Black and white speed: 55 ppm
Color speed: 55 ppm
Monthly volume: 225000
Previous price: $24999.00



To say there has never been a multifunction system quite like this before would not be an exaggeration. Toshiba has taken more than 130 years of leading innovation—with 60
of those years including office equipment—and produced the flagship Toshiba e-STUDIO5520c Series. High quality color images are delivered at up to 65 pages per minute, with black and white delivered at up to 75 pages per minute. Advanced security features meet the demanding needs of a variety of office equipment. Various operations have been designed to be the most user-friendly to date. For instance, a 10.4” super VGA control panel includes onetouch access keys for all major functions. It also offers large text and an interactive copier diagram. And with over 500 patents pending, this Series is, quite literally, one of the biggest breakthroughs in color multifunction products since color printing.

The e-STUDIO5520c Series satisfies the increasing input and output demands for color documents in busy office environments. Additional features include net-ready third generation e-BRIDGE architecture, unprecedented image quality, powerful paper handling capacity, and versatile scanning functions. Not to mention new, cost-effective ERU units that are easy to replace as well as a self-refreshing development system. Also, a multitude of tasks can be performed simultaneously, without interruption. It’s Toshiba’s boldest innovation yet.


  • 55 PPM Color, 55 PPM B&W Multifunction Product
  • 10.4" Super VGA Control Panel with One Touch Access Keys
  • Net-Ready Third Generation e-Bridge Architecture
  • Self-Refreshing Development System
  • Easy Replaceable Unit Design
  • Toner Changing On The Fly
  • MSRP $24,999 (base system)