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Can you explain some of the traditional copy machine terms and acronyms? What are booklet finishers, automatic duplex, network print, etc?

Here is a listing with a brief description of some popular photocopier linguistics.

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF): In a photocopier this is a device that holds a stack of originals (usually 50-100) and feeds them automatically, one at a time, to the exposure glass for copying.
Duplex Unit: When this unit is installed in a copy machine, the copier an automatically produce two-sided copies.
Finisher: An option on a photocopier that delivers finished (stapled) sets into an offset catch tray. Many times a finisher will also provide sorting and/or collating functions.
Hole Punching: As copies exit the copy machine, this device automatically punches either two or three holes into a copy.
Large Capacity Tray (LCT): A paper source on a photocopier capable of handling more than 1,000 sheets of paper.
Saddle Stitch Finisher: This type of finisher will staple on the inside fold and also will fold the document to produce a finished booklet.
Copy Machine Features
Copier Printer: With this feature on a photocopier, your employees can print from their desktop PC directly to your copy machine. This feature lets your employees quickly produce dozens of collated, stapled and high quality documents without leaving their desks.
Copier Fax: This photocopier feature will let you send and receive faxes through your copy machine. Copiers with this ability will either route faxes in to the main output tray our into a dedicated fax bin; to send faxes your employees scan a document through the document feeder on the copy machine.
Copy Control: This feature usually comes standard on a photocopier and requires that a user enter an access code before making copies. The key operator can set copy limits for each user or department as well as run reports to see who is making all the copies! This feature serves two purposes. It prevents unauthorized personnel from using your copy machine and will allow the key operator to track the user of the photocopier by department or even user.
Copy Machine Supplies
Fuser Rollers: The component of the copy machine that fix the image to the paper through a heat (fusing) process.
Cleaning Blade: The component of the photocopier that cleans excess toner off the fuser roller or drum.
Fuser Oil: Some copy machines use liquid silicon oil for added lubrication of the fuser rollers. This prevents toner buildup and increases roller life.
PM Schedule: PMs (Preventative Maintenance Schedule) are the intervals set by the manufacturer at which maintenance procedures should be performed on the copy machine. Components such as developer, cleaning blades, fuser rollers, pads, drums, etc. are change at these intervals.