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Can you give me some buying tips on how to get the best copier for my investment? Wow, I don't know where to start!

There are definitely some dos and don’ts to consider when purchasing a copier. You can spend from $150 to $50,000 on a copier, but in most cases a typical (properly remanufactured) Black and White office copier will cost from $2,500 to $7,000. Of course this depends on the accessories and speed your office requires. Though tempting, don’t buy the low-end all-in-one copier that costs around $300. The cheap copier may seem like a great deal at the time, but their cost per page is 5 to 10 times greater than a larger office copier. The ink alone in one year can add up to more than $1,000 if you use the all in one copier too much. These cheap copiers are made for home use and do not belong in a paper intensive office environment. So my first tip is to buy a slightly used copier versus a new copier and save the 80% depreciation without giving up any performance or reliability. My second buying tip is to stay away from the attraction of a cheap copier as they will cost more in the long run.
My third buying tip is to seriously consider the service costs of a color copier. I am not suggesting that there is no place for a color copier in the office, but what I am seeing is that offices are buying multiple color copiers in replace of black and white copiers. The fact is a color copier will cost you 8 times more for color output versus a black and white copier. If you want to save money, discipline your staff to use the black and white copier for 90% of all copy and printing jobs, and use the color copier for correspondence that requires color detail. The reality is that 90% of all imaging output is for “in house” correspondence, so why are color copiers becoming so predominant? In one word- revenue! The dealer market is pushing color copiers to consumers everywhere in order to increase their revenues and profits on service contracts. So even though the initial price of a color copier may be similar to a black and white copier, think twice about the copier service contract before buying it. Of course Digital Copier Supercenter offers state of the art color digital machines, but be sure it is needed.
My last buying tip is regarding copier service contracts. You can and should buy your copier without reference to a service contract. The service contract on a copier is a very profitable part of the purchase process and should be negotiated as heavily as the copier itself. So negotiate both! Many times the service contracts are a bigger part of the purchase then the copier! For example, let’s say you buy a slightly used copier from us at $4,500 and then we help coordinate a service contract for you by having a local partner from our nationwide network of certified tech automatically come to your facility as part of our delivery process. That tech will then inspect your machine to be sure that it meets the high standards that we adhere to guaranteeing all copiers we sell will pass contract inspection as a brand new machine. If you don’t want to continue to use the tech for a service contract we give you three dealers to choose from in your local area. If you make 10K pages per month at a penny per page for service you will be negotiating a service contract that is worth $3,600 over the next three years. So by all means, interview all three copier dealers and choose the most competitive one! The service contract is a profitable and many times bigger part of the procurement process and is competitively sought after- regardless of where you purchase your copier. So buy your copier from us and save! Then negotiate with your local service dealers and get a competitive rate on a local service contract, or choose the provider we send to install your machine. Typically the provider we choose for your installation will be your best option. Included with all of our machines is full service delivery. This means a local certified tech from your area that has the ability to provide at least 3 hour response time on service calls will come to your location. Install, inspect, and train you on the basic operations of your machine. The tech will also go over available service contract options and pricing. This is all included with your purchase from Digital Copier Supercenter.