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Do new copiers really depreciate 80% after the first few months of use? What is the warranty on a Remanufactured copier?

Believe it or not, copiers do depreciate 80% or more immediately after purchase. When we re-market a slightly used copier for a leasing company, the normal discount is 75% and the copier has to have an original meter less than 3 months (as rated by the manufacturers’ recommended monthly volume). The heft sticker on a new copier alone can encourage many savvy business owners to focus on the slightly used copier market. Add in the depreciation factor on a new copier purchase as well as the fact that our certified remanufactured copiers come with a longer warranty as new machine warranty (90 day complete parts and labor plus a 2 year extended limited warranty vs. 90 days full parts and labor 1 year parts) and there is very little if any risk involved. A properly remanufactured copier will last just as many years as a new one at a fraction of the cost as long as it is properly maintained by a certified service technician! For additional comfort all of our machines come with a guarantee to be accepted under service contract nationwide on delivery! Our full service delivery includes setup as well as a service contract inspection by a local certified service provider in your area free of charge. The tech that does your inspection is also an option for you to use for your service contract, and with our nationwide network of providers usually the best option in your area. If for any reason the tech finds an issue that needs to be resolved in order for the machine to meet their very strict requirements, the provider already has an authorization letter on file to do whatever needs to be done to bring the machine up to their standards within 48 hours at our expense.
So what is a certified remanufactured copier? A certified remanufactured copier must begin with a low meter. Like a car has an odometer, a copier has a meter. The copier must be in showroom condition and have been used less than 3 months (as rated by the manufacturers’ recommended monthly volume) in order for the machine to even be accepted into the remanufacturing program. This would be the equivalent of buying a recent model vehicle with fewer than 10K miles on it. A certified remanufactured copier is stripped down to a bare frame at the factory by a certified technician and thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt from the ground up. All parts that are meter related are replaced - including consumables such as the toner, drums, cleaning blades, etc. This way the remanufactured copier will be ready to go under a service agreement the day it arrives, and that’s part of our guarantee. Because of this extensive remanufacturing process, a certified remanufactured copier comes with a better than new warranty. Watch out for warranty terms such as “parts only” or a “30 day limited warranty”. You should get a 90 day complete parts and labor warranty as well as a 2 year extended warranty on all major components and be introduced to a local certified representative that will honor it. This is 1 year longer than the warranty that comes with a new copier because when you buy new usually you are forced to get a service contract as part of your lease. Don’t settle for a cheap copier being sold “as-is” on E-bay and other web sites. Previous owners are not copier technicians and while the initial price may be attractive, you’ll probably wind up paying twice as much in repairs and maintenance. Keep in mind if you buy a used copier and you need service on your machine, the local service provider will not touch your machine unless it is brought up to code and unfortunately you are at their mercy.