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Do you recommend getting a service contract on my copier?

A copy machine unlike most other office equipment is made up of many consumable parts such as toner, drums, cleaning blades, drums, fusers, rollers, etc. From experience I can tell you that 80% of all copy machines are put under some sort of service contract for this very reason. When you purchase a copier look at the service interval (maintenance interval)! The wider or longer the interval the lower your service rate will be. Copier speed and service intervals go hand in hand. The faster the speed on a copier the wider the service intervals normally are. For example, the service interval on a segment 3 copier (36 to 50 CPM) is normally around 150,000 to 200,000 pages and the applicable service rate is around a cent to a cent and a half per page. However the service on a segment 4 and 5 copier (51 to 110 CPM) is normally around 200K-300K and 300k-800k pages and the normal service rate is normally less than a penny- ranging from .005-.0125.