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Does the monthly volume on my copy machine affect my copier service contract?

In one word- Yes! The larger your monthly copy volume the lower your cost-per-copy (CPC) service rate will be on your copy machine. To help you understand, think of the copier dealer handling the service contract on your copier machine. If you’re monthly copy volume is only 2,000 pages and the service rate is .012 then your local dealer would get $24/month. Not enough billable copies to make it worth the gas!!! However let’s say your monthly copy volume is 10K pages per month. Now your local copier dealer can offer you the better rate of .01 and still earn revenues of $100/month. Of course more copies can create more liabilities for the servicing dealer, but usually the increase in revenue is desired.

If you are not sure of your monthly copy volume and you already own a copy machine, you can estimate you volume by checking the counter on your current copier machine. If you check it again in a month from now and then multiply that volume by 12, you know your annual copy volume. This will go a long way in helping you select the correct segment of office copier you wish to purchase. If you do not currently have a copy machine, there are some simple rules to follow. To get a close estimate of your potential copy volume, first count the amount of employees you anticipate to employ in the next 12 months. Then think of the types of copier printer, copier fax and copier scan requirements each might produce. When you get to your estimated imaging volume, a good idea is to add a 25% buffer. For example, if you anticipate employing 5 office personnel and each will make 200 copies per week, your estimated monthly copy volume would be (5 x 200) x 4 x 1.25= 5K per month.