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I have been thinking about consolidating my office equipment and purchasing a copier printer. What are the benefits of having an all in one copier printer versus a single copier and printer?

The quality of output on a copier printer is the same as a standalone laser printer and your cost of toner is much lower on a copier printer. To see the substantial savings you can achieve by getting a copier printer from us let’s compare a Konica 7022 22 PPM copier printer versus an HP stand alone 22 PPM printer. From a capital standpoint you can purchase the copier printer accessory (better known as a network print card) from us for $400. To buy the HP 1320- 22 PPM laser personal monochrome printer – the retail price on this printer with shipping is also around $400.
So there is no difference in the capital costs. However let’s look at the toner price of each model. The toner on a Konica 7022 copier printer yields 30K pages and has a price of $95. This comes out to .0031 cents per page for toner. If you intend to make 10K pages per month and want to keep your copier printer for 4 years then you will spend about $1,519 in toner costs. Does this sound like a lot? On the HP model 1320 the toner yields 6K pages for $105. This comes out to .0175 cents per page for toner. Again taking this rate times 10K pages per month over 4 years you will spend $8400 in toner costs! Although some comparisons are a little less exaggerated then this one, in all cases you will save a substantial amount of dollars by going with a copier printer versus two stand alone units.
Using your copier as a network printer allows your staff to print, collate, and staple right from their PC. Printing to a copier is faster than most laser printers, and as I mentioned above the cost savings can be dramatic. You can talk with our professional sales staff to make sure the copier printer you choose will be compatible with your network or desktop operating system. Most of our copier printers are compatible with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft XP, Novell and Apple operating systems, although inform your rep if you are using Apple products! Another nice benefit of a copier printer is that you will only need one set of toner instead of two! By eliminating the stand alone printer you will have one less item to dust and take up space in your office. Not to mention one less piece of office equipment to pay service calls on.