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Lanier Pro 1357EX

Lanier Pro 1357EX Copier

Quick Specification

Color capability: Black and white copiers
Black and white speed: 135 ppm
Color speed: 0 ppm
Monthly volume: 2000000

Lanier Pro 1357EX


Whether you need to add capacity for commercial or corporate production, these powerful systems deliver precise black & white output at speeds up to 135 pages-per-minute with versatile inline finishing. So with Lanier Pro 1357EX you can turn jobs faster, increase efficiency and consistently exceed customers’ expectations.
The Lanier Pro  systems are not only the fastest we offer they are among the fastest multifunction systems available anywhere.

Engineered to run harder and last longer, these workhorse systems maximize uptime and reduce downtime even in challenging production environments.

Create an incredible variety of finished documents completely in-line without sending jobs to other vendors or finishing output manually.

Safeguard sensitive documents and the system itself from unauthorized use with a complete line of advanced security features.

The Lanier Pro systems are easy to operate, whether you are the newest workgroup member or a seasoned production professional.


  • Reliable operation during peak production, outstanding long-term reliability.   
  • Identify and correct multiple-sheet feeding, with an innovative ultrasonic sensor.
  • Use a wider range of stocks, from thin (40 g/m2) to thick (300 g/m2) with the Air Assist feature.
  • Minimize downtime with Trained Customer Replaceable Units.
  • Process large or complicated files significantly faster with a 1.4 GHz CPU.   
  • Expect faster performance from the enhanced memory architecture, 512 MB RAM standard and a 320 GB HDD.
  • Complete high-volume runs of large, multi-page documents without pausing to reload trays with the virtually limitless media supply.   
  • Expand in-house capabilities and reduce outsourcing by handling a wider variety of media sizes.
  • Perform administrative tasks remotely with Web Image Monitor.
  • Report usage meter data automatically with the Lanier Remote Intelligent Management System.